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Lee Hunwicks
Founder and Managing Director, The Cast Iron Bath Company

How to detox with Epsom salts in your cast iron bath It’s that time of the year when everyone seems to be talking about detoxing. And with good reason too. Lots of us have been eating and drinking in excess over the last few weeks, and it’s a good idea to give our bodies a helping hand to recover from all that festive overindulgence!

So why take a detox bath?
Detoxification has been around for thousands of years. Detox experts refer to the skin as a third kidney. What they mean by that is toxins are excreted from the body through sweating. Taking a detox bath will help your skin get rid of toxins. In addition, your skin gets the chance to absorb helpful minerals and nutrients from the water. Finally, you’ll feel amazing afterwards!

Raring to go? This is how you do it.

  1. Give yourself plenty of time. Make sure you have at least 40 minutes to spare. Detox baths cannot be rushed. You need the first 20 minutes for the toxins to be removed, and the other for absorbing the goodies in the water.
  2. Fill that tub. If you have a chlorine filter, use it. Then fill the cast iron bath with hot water. Remember, your skin needs to sweat if the detox is going to work.
  3. Here comes the magic. Add two cups of Epsom salts to your bath. Otherwise known as magnesium sulphate, Epsom salts help you detox in two ways: it cleans toxins from the skin, and combats hypertension by replenishing your magnesium level.
  4. The secret ingredient. Known for its cleansing and anti-fungal properties, baking soda also leaves the skin feeling very soft. Add one cup.
  5. Sweat it out. Ginger is great for increasing your heat levels to help you sweat out those toxins. It’s worth noting that your skin may turn red for a few minutes – so be careful how much you add if you have sensitive skin. Normally, around one teaspoon should be enough. But if you don’t fancy it, just leave it out.
  6. Aroma time. A detox bath is the perfect time to fill your bathroom and your mind with wonderful fragrances. Aromatherapy oils claim to have many therapeutic properties, and can make your detox much more relaxing (with lavender), energising (with lemon) or cleansing (with tea tree oil). About five-ten drops should do it.
  7. …And soak. Once all the ingredients are in, mix the water up with your hand, light some candles, and then get into the bath.
  8. All good things must come to an end. After you’ve soaked for around forty minutes, get out of the bath carefully. The bath itself may be slippery from the salts and oils. Also, you might be feeling a little drained after your detox. So wrap up warm and curl up on the sofa until you get your energy back. And make sure you drink plenty of water to flush out any remaining toxins.




Introducing the Marazion: The rectangular double-ended cast iron bath that solves a contemporary interior design problem.

Marazion by The Cast Iron Bath CompanyThe most striking thing about the Marazion is its shape. Compared to most traditional cast iron baths it is more oblong in form than its cousins. The design rationale for this simple: it solves contemporary functionality issues while retaining a classic aesthetic that is loved by cast iron bath enthusiasts.

The classically shaped roll top baths that most people are familiar with are largely derived from late 19th century French designs. Research findings led our designers to conclude that while these roll top baths look incredible, there are a few inherent drawbacks when placed in a contemporary environment: they tend to be deep and narrow, and their curved ends can sometimes make it difficult to fit them into modern bathrooms. So we set about finding a solution.

Marazion by The Cast Iron Bath CompanyWe took the design of a late 19th century cast iron bath as our starting point. We lengthened and widened it, and then reclined the ends to make it more comfortable. However, our designers weren’t happy with the three or four designs of feet that were found on the original double-ended rectangular baths. Then Lee Hunwicks, the founder of The Cast Iron Bath Company, had an epiphany.

“I came across a foot from a single-ended 19th century French cast iron bath in a salvage yard and was immediately struck by the beauty of the design. I had never seen anything like it before. I took it back to the studio and remodelled it so it would fit the design for the Marazion and hug the contours of the bath correctly. I’m very happy with the end result. I think it stays true to the vision of the late 19th century designers when they embarked on creating a bath of greater comfort.”

Marazion by The Cast Iron Bath CompanyFor many homeowners and interior designers, the Marazion is a godsend. Fitting a traditional cast iron bath into a modern luxury bathroom is now a whole lot easier.

Learn more about the Marazion cast iron bath.

A bath with a view

When does a style become a trend? When it is so decadent it’s too good to resist! During 2016 we began to see the trend of stunning feature–baths move from the bathroom, via the bedroom to the great outdoors.
As a bathroom specialist we enjoy seeing our hand-finished bath tubs in some spectacular settings. Here’s just a few of them.

Who wouldn’t want to bathe in front of the fire?

Back in the days before we had the luxury of indoor bathrooms and central heating, it was not unusual to see a tin bath placed in front of the fire. In those days it was a practical necessity and a real treat for the family to feel clean, once a week.

Move forward 100 years and we mirror the experience in period homes and boutique hotels, not out of necessity, but out of the sheer luxury. Far nicer to have a toasty hot bath in front of a roaring fire with a view out of a large picture window, than cramped in a small bathroom with a view of the toilet.

The Cast Iron Bath Company-SalcombeFreestanding Versatility

Placing a claw-footed bathtub directly in front of a roaring fireplace is perfectly in keeping with any period home.

Whether in a large bathroom, dressing room or even the bedroom a free-standing bath allows you to be versatile where you choose to bathe.

The Salcombe – £1,095

Black Millbrook Cast Iron BathLuxury option when your en-suite is small and efficient

For many of us, the move towards en-suite bathrooms means many of us forsake a bath in favour of a more space efficient shower. With a freestanding bath you can have both! A shower for the morning rush and a gorgeous roll top bath for your relaxing weekend soak.
By putting your bath in your bedroom you can allow your en-suite to be the practical, efficient space it needs to be while indulging yourself in a far more glamorous setting.

Bathing in the bedroom means no longer do you have to relax looking at the outline of the toilet and basin in a cramped en-suite. Put your bedroom at the heart of your relaxation.

The Millbrook Double Ended Cast Iron Bath – £775.00

Boutique Chic

Bathing in luxurious venues across the globe, often involves a free standing bath in your boutique bedroom. It offers a great opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ and experience the sheer pleasure of bathing with a view of a cosy room or open window rather than a toilet and basin. With prices from as little as £700, here’s some luxury venues we have worked with:


The Orangery Retreat

Built into a fireplace, bathing at the Orangery Retreat in Italy makes use of the cave setting to allow bathers to relax in the Bergamot Apartment.

The Dawlish – £895.00


For a bath with a view, the fabulous copper bateau bath at the Brocco Boutique Hotel in Sheffield offers guests of The Dovecote room a bathing experience to remember.

The Marseille Cyprium – £2,595

Windout Barnwindout-farm

Taking things one step further, the owners at wedding venue Windout Barn have put a pair of Marazion claw footed baths outside, overlooking their apple orchard. Talk about a bath with a view!

The Marazion – £1,195

Far better than a view of the toilet

Wherever you choose to position your freestanding bath, you will always be able to improve on a view of the toilet. They are just so versatile. Put them where you like and enjoy relaxing in luxury